Automatic captcha recognition

The most stable and accurate automated captcha recognition & bypass API service provider in Solve Captcha with the smoothest captcha solving experience. You just send us the key and domain we will send you the response back.

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Service Features

Always up to date

We upgrade regularly the latest captcha techonogies in market. No need for browser emulation or other inefficient solutions.

No Downtime Satisfaction

Our service is designed to solve many captchas and ensure high accuracy offering unlimited capacity, also on weekends, holidays and night shifts!

Easy to Integrate

We serve our clients with a stable and fast API services, an easy integration with many major applications.

Pay as you go

You only pay for solved captchas. The server load does not affect the price.

24x7 Support

We offer our clients premium and professional online support. Get at us through our website contact form.


Diversity documents and clear code examples with many programming languages are offered for our clients.


* Whichever package you get credit for, it's interchangable.
Eg. You can get credit for recaptcha, and use that credit for image captcha too and vice-versa.

1000 Recaptcha v2


1000 Enterprise v2




1000 Geetest Captcha


1000 Fun Captcha


1000 Cloudflare Turnstile


1000 Recaptcha v3


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Frequently Ask Questions

In your captcha software, enter the key to the API Key field

Yes, Solve Captcha recognizes reCAPTCHA v2, reCAPTCHA v2 Invisible and reCAPTCHA v3

Yes, the service is available in all parts of the world where you can access the Internet.

If you have a question or any concern regarding our website and services please email us at

Solve Captcha

Let us deal with the thousands of rules, regulations, and complicated updates that captchas entails!

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